Auto Skills & Storage

The Auto Skills Centers at Fort Shafter and Schofield Barracks are equipped with the tools and equipment to perform most types of do it yourself(DIY) automotive repair on privately owned vehicles. Services and repair facilities are provided,including lubrication and oil change, tire rotation/changing/ balancing, body and paint work, transmission repair, engine tune-up, engine overhaul,air conditioning services, and other types of repairs.

The two facilities are certified as Safety Inspection Stations for the State of Hawaii. There are 48 (30 at Schofield Barracks and 18 at Fort Shafter) automotive bays available for do-it-yourself mechanics, including several lifts.

Children under the age of 15 are not allowed beyond the front gate.

 Safety Inspection | Resale Lot | RV/Boat/Jet Ski Storage Lot

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 For more information, contact us at

Fort Shafter
(808) 438-9402

Schofield Barracks
(808) 655-9368.


Oscar’s Auto Body and Painting 

Dings, Scratches, and Dents are a thing of the past with Oscar Reyes, Auto Body and Paint. Quality Bodywork * Insurance Claims * FREE Estimates. Available at Schofield Barracks Auto Skills only. Call 861-0146 or 655-9368 for more information


Tech-Center Hawaii

Quality auto repairs at affordable prices.
Available at Schofield Auto Skills:
888-2931 or 769-7464


Lum's Auto Service Center

Darrin Lum
Fort Shafter Auto Skills Center

Need a Safety Inspection?
Then stop by the Auto Skills Center for a low price, unbeatable service and quality. We'll keep you legal and have you back on the road in no time!
  1. Without tint: $20
  2. With tint: $25
  3. Window Tint Check only: $5
  4. Trailer Safety check: $15
  5. Lost safety check sticker replacement: $6

Schofield Barracks Safety Check Hours:
Wednesday - Friday
11:30am - 1pm & 3pm - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday
9am - 11am & 1pm - 3pm



  • Please call for times when Safety Checks are being performed. Times may vary due to staff shortages mandatory training or other emergencies.
  • Vehicle Registration and Hawaii Insurance Card MUST BE Original, No Copies, No Faxes, No Emails. 
  • If Raining or roads are wet Safety checks will not be performed.
  • Be aware that Internet Outages may occur and safety checks may be delayed until Internet connection is once again available. 



Resale Lot

Parking in the Resale Lot requires a permit. The Fee for this permit is a minimum of $7 for 7 days or longer in increments of 7 days, example $14 for 14 days.

You must also bring in the following items which are required to obtain a resale Lot Permit:

  • Valid Government I.D. Card,
  • Valid State Registration and License Plate Sticker,
  • Valid State Safety Inspection Papers and Stickers,
  • Valid Proof of Insurance Hawaii “No Fault” Insurance Card,
  • Power of attorney is required if you are not the registered owner.




Long Term Vehicle Storage $40.00 per month
NOTE: Vehicle Storage at Schofield Barracks Only

RV/Boat/Jet Ski Storage 
$40.00 16 ft & below, $50.00 any above 16ft

The required permit may be obtained at the Schofield Barracks Auto Skills CenterBldg. 910, corner of Lyman Road and Duck Road. The fee for the permit is $40.00 per month, per stall.


You must bring in the following items which are required to obtain a lot permit.

  1. Valid government ID Card
  2. Valid state registration for the boat.
  3. Valid state registration for the trailer.
  4. Valid state safety check inspection papers.
  5. Valid proof of insurance Hawaii “no fault” insurance card
  6. Power of attorney - required if you are not the registered owner.

All items must be current - not expired. No photo copies allowed. For more information,call 655-9368




Long Term Vehicle Storage $40.00 per month

NOTE: Vehicle Storage at Schofield Barracks Only


RV/Boat/Jet Ski Storage
$40.00 16 ft & below
$50.00 any above 16ft